3 No-Sweat Workouts For a Busy Lifestyle

Zipporah Wilson | October 15, 2020 | Lifestyle Features

These services are full of fitness inspiration, minus the perspiration.

body roll studio body roll machineA body roll machine at Body Roll Studio

1. Body Roll Studio

Reopened and socially distant, classes at the Body Roll Studio can help with speeding up metabolism, reducing fat tissue and eliminating other waste products, all of which are set individually for each customer based on their previous visits and physical activity. Each session, which runs for about 45 minutes, allows for the roller to be set up with 15 three-minute positions that focus on different areas of the body, including specific muscle groups that might need a bit of tension release. 59 Franklin St., bodyrollstudio.com

pilates social new studioPilates Social’s new studio

2. Pilates Social

Since the 1930s, Pilates has been one of the world’s best-known low-impact workouts, designed to improve a sense of concentration, alignment, posture, balance and flexibility. Goals can range from increasing athletic performance to rehabilitating from a past injury, improving posture and, most importantly, strengthening the core. As these classes assist with the connection of breath in movement and creating awareness for a useful mind/body connection, this is the gateway class to restoring physical vitality. 1053 Lexington Ave., Floor 2, pilatessocial.com

stretch relief ouise ganitis and alain saint-dicStretch Relief trainers Louise Ganitis and Alain Saint-Dic

3. Stretch Relief

When it comes down to recovering from an injury or trying to improve the body’s mobility, Stretch Relief dedicates itself to mental, spiritual and physical health by activating muscle use, releasing tensions in overactive muscles, preventing injuries and focusing on core movement pairs. The company recommends four classes—Sound and Stretch, Sweat and Stretch, Endurance Stretch and Yoga Stretch—to get the full experience. After launching a digital program during the pandemic, the studio is open once again. 26 Broadway, Floor 8, stretchrelief.com

Photography by: Body Roll Studio photo by Alec Kugler; all others courtesy of brands