4 Destinations for Organically Sourced Wine Lists

Jing Yang | November 25, 2019 | National

Only opening last year, Frenchette has already established itself as a leader in raw wine selection.

Ever since its opening last year, Frenchette built a reputation for standing up for natural wines. After living in France for more than 20 years, wine director Jorge Riera pairs modern French cuisine with high-acidity wines with an alcohol content of 13% or less to wash consumers’ palates. Riera purposefully selected lesser-known varieties and regions to create conversation with his customers. 241 W. Broadway, frenchettenyc.com

Racines NY
With more than 800 labels, 9,000 bottles and 40 reds and whites available by the glass, Racines is known for its wide range of raw wines. To keep the passion for naturally made wines, owner and sommelier Arnaud Tronche sourced of the libation list based on the way providers work in their vineyards and cellars. Tronche and chef Pierre Jancou also highlight lesser-known regions such as the Loire Valley, Languedoc-Roussillon and Corsica to surprise their patrons. 94 Chambers St., racinesny.com

The Four Horsemen
Opened in 2015 by LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy, The Four Horsemen entered the club of wine-driven restaurants with a 300-bottle cellar to showcase a love of natural drinks. Orange wines, which are skin-contact white wines from Italy, Georgia and Slovenia, won the title of bestselling in the restaurant. 295 Grand St., Brooklyn, fourhorsemenbk.com

June Wine Bar
Owner and founder Henry Rich and Tom Kearney teamed up with wine consultant and blogger Nick Gorevic to feature holistic wines with little to no additional sulfates, sugar or color. The list primarily focuses on old-world European vinos from Italy, Spain and France and provides customers with an extensive selection at the narrow, 50-seat bar. June also serves California labels and products from upstate New York, but the stars of the list are Gallic wines such as Alsatian riesling from Christian Binner and chablis from Gerard Duplessis. 231 Court St., Brooklyn, junebk.com

Photography by: Melanie Dunea