4 Centers For Recharging Your Health

Amina Frassl | January 27, 2020 | Style & Beauty

Reset your health with steam rooms, yoga classes, acupuncture and more.

In the heart of The Well, members can relax between restorative treatments.

1. The Well
At this complete ecosystem for wellness, each member works with doctors, health coaches and functional practitioners to create a personalized and science-backed wellness guide. The club’s innovative amenities help members achieve clarity amid their hectic schedules. Sweat out toxins in the steam and sauna rooms, or indulge in regenerating bodywork techniques, such as acupressure or therapeutic foot rubs. $375 per month, 2 E. 15th St., the-well.com

62219516_347992235902924_805068177703698432_n.jpgCOMPLETE’s rooftop yoga classes allow members to find balance under the sun.

A favorite of Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio, Alex Reznik’s health club includes amenities such as infrared saunas, cryotherapy and regenerating spa treatments. Members can unwind in the Himalayan salt members lounge, sunbathe on the rooftop deck or indulge in nutrient-rich meals from the club’s juice bar. $250 per month with $299 enrollment, 25 W. 14th St., complete.nyc

3. The Firshein Center
The center’s medical PRP ACUFacial treatment ($2,000) combines platelet-rich plasma therapy and acupuncture to trigger collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. The process involves extracting and concentrating platelets in a blood sample, which is injected directly into damaged points in the skin. Dr. Richard Firshein then uses acupuncture, in which each needle is dipped into PRP solution, to penetrate more deeply into the skin and stimulate the recovery of the surrounding tissue. 1226 Park Ave., firsheincenter.com

Waiting_Room.jpgThe Yinova Center’s waiting room offers a host of herbal products.

4. The Yinova Center
Focused on making patients feel balanced, nourished and relaxed, Dr. Jill Blakeway’s upscale acupuncture clinic creates individual plans fusing acupuncture with gua sha, cupping and different massage techniques. The ancient practice prompts healing by releasing blockage, decreasing pain and reducing inflammation. With a new location on the Upper East Side, Yinova naturally treats patients with Chinese medicinal herbs. Board-certified herbalists curate custom tinctures (initial tincture from $150) from the clinic’s dispensary. During the first diagnosis ($170), experts use acupuncture to recraft patients’ internal landscapes. 150 E. 58th St., Floor 6, yinovacenter.com

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Photography by: The Well photo by Kris Tamburello; The Yinova Center photo by Stephanie Geddes; COMPLETE photo courtesy of COMPLETE