4 Top Art Influencers

Coleman Bentley, Anne Marie O’Connor and Bill Schulz | November 30, 2016 | Feature Features National

The art scene's movers and shakers
The Abramović Method is a series of exercises designed to engage the public with participatory experiences.

The Incubator
What would a burgeoning art scene, like the one centered around Hudson, N.Y., be without a “cultural spa?” This is how performance artist Marina Abramović describes her eponymous institute, aka MAI Hudson. The space, a 1929 theater that’s being transformed by Rem Koolhaas, will host long-duration performance pieces and allow visitors to create their own art via the “Abramović Method”—Buddhism-inspired exercises such as counting grains of rice or expressing anger to a tree. Abramović, who this fall turned 70 and published a memoir, Walk Through Walls, was inspired to found MAI Hudson after her hugely successful 2010 retrospective, The Artist is Present, including her marathon-staring performance, at the Museum of Modern Art. “When I stood up from the chair, I was changed,” she told The New York Times. “I knew long duration was the answer. With this came the idea of the institute in the most clear form.” To fund the venture, Abramović started a Kickstarter campaign and has appeared in videos with Lady Gaga and Jay Z. “It’s almost like a new idea of Bauhaus—how the different minds from different fields come together to create some kind of new reality,” she said.


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