CBD-Powered Company Plant People's Co-Founder Gabe Kennedy Talks Go-To Superfood

Phebe Wahl | April 10, 2019 | People

Founded by Gabe Kennedy (left) and Hudson Gaines-Ross, Plant People offers CBD-powered supplements. Here, Kennedy speaks to Manhattan about what he's paying attention to in the health and wellness space.


My interest in wellness was first sparked by my parents being healers and my own back injuries.

My go-to superfood is hemp! I also really enjoy maca, matcha, chia and lemon water shaken over ice.

Heirloom cabbages are the new kale.

My secret to staying healthy while traveling is fast on the airplanes and briskly walk around the areas I am staying, regardless of where I am.

Every day I practice self-care by meditation, moving my body, getting sunshine, listening to good music and enjoying a delightful meal.

The podcast I love is Up First. I listen every day.

I can’t stop scrolling the Instagram feed of @thisismold. Food x art equals greatness.

The wellness trend I have yet to try but am curious about is celery juice. I hear it’s nature’s Gatorade.

My top three tips for maintaining a healthier life are taking time to sit in stillness, mindful eating/consumption and creative expression.


Photography by: Peter Crosby