JA Studios NYC Founder Jennifer Albert's Favorite Things

Amina Frassl | December 16, 2019 | People Style & Beauty


With JA Studios NYC, founder Jennifer Albert built a salon oasis in collaboration with top NYC hairstylists. “I love the freedom of creating and producing organic products for my community, while working with teams of creative artists on events and brand launches for networking opportunities,” she says. Offering rejuvenating services ranging from custom hair extensions to moisturizing face masks, Albert restores balance in clients’ lives and communities. Now, the celebrated stylist shares how she recharges in the city.


HEALTHY FARE “I love The Butcher’s Daughter—it’s all organic and has the best atmosphere and vibe. ”


BEAUTY MUST JA Essence Beauty is 100% organic, handcrafted and packaged in recycled glass.” 355 W. Broadway, Floor 2


INTIMATE DINNER Il Buco Alimentari. You really feel like you are in Italy while dining there.”


CLOTHES CALL “Allyson Longshore is an extremely talented entrepreneur who created an amazing concept by styling her clients with hard-to-find/sold-out items. Her brand concept StyleStudioLive inspires me tremendously.”

Photography by: Jennifer Albert photo courtesy of Jennifer Albert; The Butcher’s Daughter photo by Whitney Leigh Morris; Il Buco Alimentari photo courtesy of Il Buco Alimentari; Allyson Longshore photo by Karya Schanilec