Fondation Valmont presents ‘White Mirror' art exhibition by Valmont Artistic Director, Didier Guillon

| October 29, 2019 | Parties

Fondation Valmont celebrated 'White Mirror' art exhibition in NYC on October 26th. With this compelling work, ‘White Mirror’ sparks a debate on the border between art and politics. Using migratory movements to convey the interdependence of the souls drifting through our society, the exhibition shows us that there is no clear boundary between the observer and the observed, between the lands of exile and the lands of welcome. One day, each one of us will find ourselves on one side of the Mirror of the other. Through the international language of symbolism, Didier Guillon creates a poetic world that challenges us to truly see the humanity of this contemporary geopolitical phenomenon, from an individual or universal perspective. And it gives the suffering of humanity a face imploring us to take another look at life and what it may reveal about ourselves.

‘White Mirror’ is comprised of about 30 works entirely designed by Didier Guillon and presented on totems in honeycomb cardboard, golden and white paper-mache masks and golden balls. The exhibition will begin at La Maison Valmont Ginza in Tokyo at the beginning of October, followed by NYC dates of October 25 – November 3, and conclude at La Maison Valmont Munich in November.


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