Fox Holt Creates A Fashion And Lifestyle Platform Focusing On Sustainability

Kanika Talwar | July 31, 2020 | Style & Beauty National

Combining luxury lifestyle and sustainability, Fox Holt makes a one-of-a-kind digital lifestyle platform.


Fox Holt takes its company slogan “mindful living” to heart with sustainability as the primary company ethos. Creating one central place for buying ethical and chic clothes and home accessories ($100-$2,000), Fox Holt founders Katy Rowley and Dale Volpe—industry veterans previous of MatchesFashion and Moschino—are working to combat fast fashion and its harmful effects.

All of the brands carried on the website are thoroughly vetted and required to comply with a minimum of two ethical principles. When looking at a product, the website’s sidebar showcases a legend of certifications it upholds, such as U.S.-made, environmentally conscious, sustainably made, vegan, fair-trade, recycled, artisan or organic. In addition, all packaging is recyclable or compostable.


With brands including Agaati, James Veloria, Olivida, Margu, and St. Roche already on the website, Fox Holt only works with companies that share a passion for intentional and well-made products. Rowley says, “We believe in inspiring a thoughtful, principled approach to shopping, so that our customers have the knowledge, tools and desire to make a difference.”


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Photography by: Matthew Hillman / Fox Holt