Manhattan's Juhi Center CEO Juhi Singh On How She Stays Healthy While Traveling

Phebe Wahl | April 10, 2019 | People

Through her work as founder and CEO of the Juhi Center (juhi.‌center) and guru to the glitterati,
Singh helps heal New Yorkers through a full spectrum of integrative healing.


My interest in wellness was first sparked by my heritage coupled with the diagnosis of a chronic illness.

My go-to superfood is chopped avocados with lime and cilantro and a pinch of sea salt. Cilantro helps remove heavy metals and improves heart health, among other benefits.

Moringa is the new kale.

My secret to staying healthy while traveling is high doses of vitamin C.

The wellness/health guru I most admire and follow is Deepak Chopra.

Every day I practice self-care by meditation.

My favorite spots in town to grab a healthy bite are abcV and Candle Cafe.

The podcast I love to listen to is Jon Kabat-Zinn.

I can’t stop scrolling the feed of Poonacha Machaiah.

The wellness trend I have yet to try but am curious about is a sensory-deprivation flotation tank.

My top three tips for maintaining a healthier life are 1. Get more sleep. 2. Meditate daily. 3. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Worry less, laugh more.


Photography by: Brandon Schulman