A Colorful Celebration

Presented by Rado Presented by Rado | December 1, 2019 | Lifestyle Feature Features Fashion Sponsored Post


Always a pioneer of innovative design, Swiss watch brand Rado was inspired by The Father of Modernism himself. With the True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier line, Rado pays homage to the legendary architect and designer Le Corbusier, who founded the groundbreaking and still-widely-used Architectural Polychromy color theory. A system of 63 relevant colors for design and architecture, Rado focused on one color from each group to create the 9-piece collection.

We celebrated the best in color and design this fall at the Manhattan-based interactive exhibit, The Color Factory. The immersive design playground provided the perfect backdrop to the colorful conversation.


In 2011, Rado revolutionized the use of ceramic compounds—similar to the process found in aerospace and automotive designs. The attention to and inclusion of materials are paramount to Rado, ceramic lets us deliver a deeper, richer use of color in our watch cases.

I find myself gravitating toward colors that are slightly unexpected—colors that feel researched, those that draw their strength from the best in art, fashion and design. The Rado watches stand out because of the unbelievable research that went into matching the Le Corbousier colors, and the unending style options.


I dream in color. I cook and plate with color. I dress in color. Color is everything to me—it creates the mood, catches the eye, draws you in.

Photography by: Omar Rawlings