Aerin Lauder's Takeaways From These Challenging Times

Phebe Wahl | October 13, 2020 |

The founder and creative director of AERIN and style and image director of Estée Lauder shares some words of wisdom.

Aerin Lauder, founder and creative director of AERINAerin Lauder, founder and creative director of AERIN

My 2020 motto is... a quote that I have found particularly inspiring during this time. It comes from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, ‘When things are at their worst, you will see the very best and worst of people. Sometimes it will break your heart. But you will also be inspired beyond belief by the goodness of others. At the end of the day, goodness wins. Love wins.’

From these challenging times... I hope that the world is able to focus more on the little joys in life. I think that the importance of home, family, health and happiness are truly what matters most. Prior to this, everyone was constantly on the go; people were going out too much, traveling too much, working too much and not giving themselves the time to relax and enjoy.

One of the best pieces of advice... my grandmother Estée ever shared was whatever you do, do it well and with passion. It’s something that I think about and try to live by every day.

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Photography by: Courtesy of AERIN