Beauty Guru Emily Par On Her New Skincare Line

Phebe Wahl | September 5, 2019 | People

We checked in with Emily Par, founder of beauty agency Poke PR and skincare brand HoliFrog (, to get the scoop on her new skincare line.


Founder Emily Parr

When did you first become interested in wellness and beauty?
Probably in the womb! I grew up playing three sports, helping my dad train for marathons and barely missing a day of either a long-distance run or competitive sports. Postgraduation, I started my career in the fashion industry, and when the weeks leading up to Fashion Week took a toll on my wellness regimen, I knew that I did not live and die by ‘the dress.’ I immediately started looking for a new career within the wellness and beauty space.

Why did you decide to launch the skincare line?
One too many 10-mile runs led to extremely clogged pores. When I started looking for a new cleanser to detox my skin but also feed it the nutrients I knew it was depleted from, I was shocked. I literally couldn’t find a wash with a superior ingredient deck that wouldn’t strip my skin and was devoid of ingredients on what later became the HoliSh*t List. I soon realized that the majority of skincare brands treat this critical foundational step of face washing as an afterthought. HoliFrog is the only wash-first brand, where we treat this category like the hero of your skincare routine.


Kissimmee vitamin F therapy balmy wash, $42, by HoliFrog at The Detox Market, 76 E. Houston St.

Why do New Yorkers need this line?
The only unfortunate part of New York City, in my opinion, is the air quality. Pores have a habit of hoarding pollution from the environment and anything else that happens to come into contact with your face (which is why I don’t let my dog lick my face!). Pores are tricky to clean, and living in a place with less-than-pristine air quality requires a bit more work! That’s where our HoliFrog face washes come in. Cleanser counts, big-time!

What inspired the brand?
Frogs have thin, permeable skin that absorbs everything in their surroundings. When we wash our face, our pores are their most permeable. Just as frogs are part of a larger ecosystem, your skin is part of a bigger picture.


Photography by: portrait courtesy of holifrog; product photo by Keith Greenbaum