The 10 Best Sushi Omakase Menus in NYC, According to Foodie Magician

Lara Dreux | October 19, 2020 | Food & Drink

The 10 Best Sushi Omakase Restaurants in NYC

“The thing about New York is, there’s so much great sushi,” says notorious culinary connoisseur and magician Josh Beckerman (AKA The Foodie Magician). Even this Instagram influencer, who spends his days tasting the most delicious concoctions around the city, struggles to narrow down a list of New York’s best sushi spots. Join Beckerman on a tasting tour of the city’s most exquisite sushi omakase restaurants and indulge your palate in Japanese delicacy.

His selections are spread out across different neighborhoods, ranging from intimate restaurants with dim lighting in Chinatown to more extravagant and daring locations in the East Village. All are bound to impress and indulge your taste buds.

Wherever you choose to go, this list guarantees New York's finest quality of omakase and is sure to satisfy any craving with the freshest ingredients and most refined culinary techniques. Here are the ten best sushi restaurants with omakase menus in New York City.

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Josh Beckerman (AKA The Foodie Magician)

Josh Beckerman (AKA The Foodie Magician)

Sushi Ishikawa

419 East 74th Street | Website

This fabulous restaurant offers a diverse menu of high-end, adventurous dishes. Known for its experimental creations with truffle, one plate including two different tuna cuts and gold flakes, another a combination of uni, caviar and ikura.

Sushi noz

181 E 78th St | Website

"When I come here I feel like I am in Japan. They do not try innovative ingredients as many do in New York, Sushi Noz is all about tradition." This location will no doubt transport you to Tokyo with its authentic dishes. This restaurant boasts professional chefs and flamboyant techniques, such as the jaw-dropping sushi seared via blowtorch before your very eyes.


286 Columbus Ave. | Website

"I'm a regular here, their ushi is simply delectable," says Beckerman. Embark on a culinary expedition with this top-shelf restaurant that promises to share its age-old Japanese traditions with the world. Mindful sourcing, seasonal ingredients and quality are key to this sushi omakase hub.

INSIDER TIP: As Foodie Magician describes, the following three are a “good bang for your buck.”

Sushi Kai

332 E 9th St. | Website

Tease your taste buds with this location’s fresh and locally sourced fish, personally selected by the chef himself. Each piece is handcrafted with care and elegantly arranged to please both your eyes and mouth.

Shinn East

119 E 7th St | Website

A contemporary protagonist of the East Coast sushi scene, Chef Mike is a young professional who constantly updates his modern and elevated concept of omakase. His menu offers a personally curated selection of rich and diverse ingredients that are guaranteed to delight. "I come here again and again," raves Beckerman. "This has to be one of New York's best spots for omakase."

Sushi by M.

75 E 4th St | Website

The focus here is minimalistic and intimate. Taste Chef Tim’s delectable creations that will leave you craving for more.


32 Mulberry St. | Website

Located in Chinatown, this quartier is perhaps the last place you’d expect to find an upmarket sushi restaurant. "Juku is a New York ‘must’ you don’t want to miss," advises Beckerman. This hidden gem boasts of a gorgeously decorated lounge where you can combine intricate cocktails on the first floor with an unparalleled omakase degustation on the mezzanine floor.

Sushi Dojo

110 First Ave. | Website

A long time favorite of Josh’s, this secret sushi spot encourages the guests to interact with the chef as he assembles the menu in front of your eyes with expertise and skill, as is custom in Japan.


47 E 12th St. | Website

Sit on the counter and enjoy a memorable dining experience in a private setting. Each cut of fish or crustaceans is handpicked with care, expertly prepared for a unique Japanese meal by award-winning chefs Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau.


17 W 20th St. | Website

Join Chef Hiroki Odo on a tasting menu journey that combines his modern culinary techniques with a respect for each and every one of the products. This upscale restaurant offers a kaisaki tasting menu or omakase selection. Its famous cocktails deliciously complement the flavors of its generous sushi portions for an overall unforgettable outing.

Omakase Room by Tatsu

14 Christopher St. | Website

In this sleek, wood-panelled room, food is the focus. Executive Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi promises to curate each dish based on your mood and personality, and each sushi piece is guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind.

Sushi Zo

88 W. 3rd St. | Website

"This list wouldn't be complete without Sushi Zo. The sushi there is just top-tier." What distinguishes Sushi Zo from its competitors is its perfect itaikan balance, achieving a harmony between shari (rice) and neta (fish topping). Seasonal ingredients are meticulously cooked and seasoned, and the final product is served at room temperature to do justice to the delicate flavors.

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