Women of Style 2020: Blair Clarke

Phebe Wahl | August 28, 2020 | People Features

We checked in with the founder of Voltz Clarke Gallery about her artistic aesthetic.


Recently... I celebrated 17 years of owning my business. My artists were children to me before I had my own. It’s a very large family!

For me 2020 has brought... unimaginable challenges but meaningful victories.

This year has taught me to... appreciate all the little things we normally take for granted. At the end of the day, we need very little to be happy.

The biggest surprise of the year is... how resilient my gallery team, artists, husband, daughters and even dog are. I also love NYC more than ever. I’ll leave kicking and screaming, never.

My outlook has shifted by... thinking less about myself and more about others and their views on how to make the world a better place.

To me style means... being myself!

The designers I love to support are... The three women who are tearing it up right now in the world of interior design: Hilary Matt Interiors, Starrett Ringbom and Katie Lydon. And never can we forget the talented Nick Olsen. I recently met @royaljellynyc through Rachelle Hruska, and her handsewn crowns are the sweetest fashion statement in the world. @beadzy_design in downtown Philadelphia for rainbow bracelets to stack for a cool wrist all year long. Yesim Philip of L’etoile Sport is always the top of her game.

In 2020 style is all about... the home—homemade cuisine, homemade bracelets, homemade masks, homemade cocktails and, last but not least, homemade art!

Photography by: Gregg Delman