Celebrate Father's Day with Clase Azul Mexico at these Manhattan Hotspots

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | June 7, 2024 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

From acclaimed steakhouses to swanky Japanese eateries, these Manhattan gems are the perfect locales for honoring the dads in your life with iconic Mexican spirits.


Advice-givers, joke-makers and our biggest supporters—dads hold a special role in our lives that deserves to be celebrated. So, give them a Father’s Day experience to savor this year with Clase Azul Mexico’s tequilas and mezcals at the freshest Manhattan spots. From the distinctive flavors to the exquisitely detailed decanters, each of Clase Azul Mexico’s offerings tells a remarkable story of the region where it’s crafted. Clase Azul combines tradition and luxury to produce spirits deeply inspired by the culture, craftsmanship and vitality of Mexico.

The ombre decanter of Clase Azul Tequila Gold is inspired by the sunset.

Clase Azul offers five different tequilas. The brand’s artisanal signature, Tequila Reposado, is a smooth tequila masterfully aged for eight months in American whiskey casks, while the unaged Plata captures the nuanced and fresh flavor of the agave. The Gold variety takes inspiration from Mexican sunsets, combining Clase Azul Tequila Plata, a special reposado tequila matured in French oak casks, and an extra añejo finished in sherry casks. Its gorgeous decanter features a ceramic base adorned by two 24-karat gold ribbons painted by hand. The character of the Anejo results from a magnificent journey of more than two years in American whiskey casks. And finally, there’s the Tequila Ultra—crafted for true connoisseurs, this spirit is the result of an extended aging period of five years in American whiskey and sherry casks and comes in a decanter adorned with platinum, silver and 24-karat gold.

Clase Azul’s three-member mezcal family includes the brand's newest icon, Mezcal San Luis Potosi, which is made with green agave, a plant native to the deserts in the Mexican state from which it takes its name. Featuring a crystalline liquid, Mezcal Guerrero is artisanally crafted from papalote agave, native to the humid highlands of Guerrero, while the Mezcal Durango is crafted with cenizo agave from the semi-arid highlands of Northern Mexico, giving the spirit a singular richness that’s mirrored by its striking decanter.

Here’s where you can savor Clase Azul’s creations in Manhattan:

Clase Azul’s signature, Tequila Reposado, comes in a decanter hand-painted with cobalt blue detailing.

Café Boulud

Led by one of the most revered chefs in New York City, Chef Daniel Boulud, this fine-dining French eatery exudes elegance in every detail, from the exquisite interior design to the creative seasonal menu. Celebrate Father’s Day at Café Boulud with inventive dishes like black sea bass wrapped in crispy potatoes or red wine-roasted sasso chicken breast alongside a pour of Clase Azul neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.
100 E 63rd St, New York


Its first U.S. location, Beefbar in Tribeca is the ideal Father’s Day dinner spot for all the carnivore dads out there. Showcasing the finest cuts of beef, such as Black Angus beef and 45 days dry-aged beef, and flavorful street food like veal bites and braised wagyu quesadillas, this Monte-Carlo-born eatery offers a stylish and modern setting to indulge and sip Clase Azul.
105 Hudson St, New York

The Lobster Club

This high-end Japanese brasserie sources fish directly from Tokyo's Tsukiji market to ensure the highest level of quality. Featuring classic techniques like tempura, gyoza, yakitori and robata as well as a focus on teppanyaki and sushi, The Lobster Club places an emphasis on food and fun, not formality—a perfect motto for a Father’s Day celebration. Order a variety of dishes, all of which are meant to be shared, and pair your meal with a pour of Clase Azul.
The Seagram Building, 98 East 53rd St, New York

Sake No Hana

Featuring a dramatic and festive atmosphere, this lively Japanese restaurant provides an exciting environment to eat, drink and celebrate. Sake No Hana’s shareable menu of grilled teppanyaki dishes, yakitori skewers, Wagyu beef and creative sushi rolls pair beautifully with Clase Azul. Bring your dad in for a Father’s Day feast he’ll remember.
145 Bowery, New York


Jean’s exquisite atmosphere, delectable dishes and unparalleled service make it the perfect spot for any celebration. Featuring a restaurant on top and an exclusive cocktail lounge in the basement, this sought-after spot serves up the highest-quality burgers, pasta and salads alongside an inventive cocktail menu. Make a reservation for Father’s Day and eat upstairs, or head straight downstairs for a pour of Clase Azul in a lively setting.
415 Lafayette St, New York

For a last-minute Father's Day excursion, head to Los Cabos Mexico for Clase Azul La Terraza, Los Cabos. The luxury house's boutique, restaurant and experiential space offers culture seekers unique tastings, like A Taste of Culture or the just announced Clase Azul Cosmos - where guests can create a customized decanter using their essence and energy.

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