Rachel Katzman's Busy Summer

Christina Najjar | July 24, 2019 |

Cuvee Beauty is a champagne-infused haircare line born from a pop of a cork: literally! Founder and CEO, Rachel Katzman, was in Vegas celebrating her birthday when she was doused in champagne and realized her hair never felt better. Instead of chalking it up to coincidence as most of us would, Rachel's entrepreneurial spirit took over, and she dedicated the next few years to working with chemists to maximize the benefits of champagne in hair care.

Katzman is also married to an entrepreneur. Her husband is the founder of runaway hit fitness brand, P.volve. With a new product launch for Cuvee, getting the brand into Neiman Marcus and Pvolve launching a new NY studio in September, Katzman and her husband are one busy New York City couple indeed.


What drives you to run your company?
RACHEL KATZMAN: I am the Founder of Cuvee Beauty, a champagne-infused haircare brand, and CEO of P.volve, my husband’s fitness company that has a cult-like following, so multiple things drive me! First, the responses I get from my customers and the desire I see for both products and brands. The results are what drive me every day to evolve both companies, make them better & grow more. Second, my team. I work with some of the best people and we truly enjoy what we do. Each day is new and exciting, and there is nothing more rewarding than having an idea and seeing it come to life. Third, my passion. I have had personal experiences with both of my companies—Cuvée brought my hair back to life after extensions destroyed it, and P.volve transformed my lifestyle into a healthier one; those real-life experiences are priceless and motivate me to work harder for what I believe in.

What is your favorite thing about running a business?
RK: That’s a no-brainer: creating products and services that truly make a difference in people’s lives. Because both P.volve and Cuvee Beauty are startups, creating a work culture where people are genuinely excited to come to the office and collaborate with each other, completely makes a difference in work ethic, customer service and our products.


How do you and your husband work together?
RK: Like everything, it has its ups and downs. Its fun to be able to start these companies at the same time in our careers together and experience this wild, bumpy ride with someone you love. I know I can trust him and he always has my back no matter what. The difficult part is being able to turn work-mode off once we get home and not let it get in the way of our personal relationship; I always have to remember he was my love and best friend before my business partner.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?
RK: At this stage of both Pvolve and Cuvee, I truly don’t believe in work-life balance. When you’re growing as fast as we are, you have to work 25/8. In order to keep myself sane, I like to prioritize; figuring out what emails and tasks NEED to be sent today versus tomorrow, blocking off an hour to workout and then making sure I zone out before bed watching The Real Housewives.

What are some of your favorite spots in Manhattan?
RK: I make some monthly me-time for a visit to Rescue Spa and use all of the Bioloqiue Recherche products they recommend, which has left my skin glowing!

I try to workout three to four times a week at P.volve. Because P.volve is so low impact, I really can do it every day and feel super strong, open and lean afterward.

I love to cook and eat clean, so finding fresh, organic ingredients at the Union Square Greenmarket is the best! I actually started a YouTube channel with all of my favorite recipes because I love it so much.

Milos' Greek salad and Loup de Mer fish are out of this world!

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