Did you know there's a Road to Happiness?

illy illy | November 1, 2021 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

illy, the family-owned coffee company, has always supported local communities and shared the most sustainable agronomic practices with farmers in the creation of top-quality coffee.


To guarantee sustainable quality, illy has been buying coffee directly for over twenty years, selecting only the finest Arabica beans for its unique illy blend. The company develops long-term working relationships with the best coffee growers in the world, because it believes that only a mutual relationship based on exchange and growth (including a premium paid to the growers) can ensure quality and, as a result, add value to the product.

These Arabica beans have been grown with the utmost attention to sustainability, a virtuous cycle nurtured by illy to create a fair and ethical economic, social, and environmental model between coffee lovers and those who grow it.

Whatever your favorite way of drinking coffee, taste the signature aromatic experience. of the unique illy blend every time, while feeling satisfied knowing its coffee has helped many coffee communities across the globe.

Find out more and join illy on the Road to Happiness at illy.com

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