Dr. Howard Sobel Explains The Science Behind His Sobel Skin Rx Line With Sephora

Phebe Wahl | February 10, 2020 | People Style & Beauty

30CT1_Dr_Howard_Sobel.jpgDr. Howard Sobel helped implement the use of active ingredients in over-the-counter skincare.

How do you think skincare has evolved?
Years ago, there were practically no active ingredients for the consumer in the area of cosmetic skincare products. The consumer would seek out whatever products they could find and often diagnose their skin problems themselves. The dermatologist did not have many options of over-the-counter products to offer them. A common joke at the time was, ‘If it is dry, you wet, and if it is wet, you dry.’ This time around, it is different. Several years ago, I decided to start searching for a vehicle that would dramatically increase the absorption of active ingredients. I was contacted by Sephora earlier this year to see if I could fill a ‘white space’ in their market. That space was to create products using ingredients that have withstood the test of time but increase the concentrations and efficacy without causing irritation. Essentially, a doctor-grade cosmeceutical.

What was most important to you with this launch? When you are partnering with a leading retailer like Sephora and they are telling you what they want and need in order to sell it, you deliver. I researched the most efficacious ingredients that showed the most consistent clinical and consumer results in the world of dermatology and cosmeceuticals. Then, I narrowed the field to several different high concentrations of active ingredients and eight SKUs. In order to prove their efficacy, I performed instrumental clinical and consumer studies as well as in vitro (lab) testing. The in vitro results showed the retinol absorption increased with my complex as compared to other vehicles on the market. Both the clinical and consumer studies showed the synergistic positive effects of the combination high concentration of the active ingredients in my SB-100 complex without producing any irritation. It’s the next generation of skincare, and that is why I refer to my products as activated cosmeceuticals.

Sobel Skin Rx ($42-$105) is a clinically tested line filled with highly concentrated active ingredients.

Why is this collection unique?
This launch is about educating the consumer about the whys, whats and the hows of skincare. I am thrilled to be able to provide my patients and consumers with prescriptions like active cosmeceuticals that contain the four P’s: potency, penetration, performance and protection. Sobel Skin Rx, $42-$105, sephora.‌com; drsobelskinrx.com

Photography by: Courtesy of Dr. Howard Sobel