Dr. Mehmet Oz Lets Us In On His Daily Self-Care Secret

Phebe Wahl | April 10, 2019 | Celebrity

As a leading industry expert and star of The Dr. Oz Show (doctoroz.com), Oz’s script is always worth paying attention to.


My go-to superfood is cashews, which are basically a tree egg, rich in nutrients and easy to cart around, so always in my bag.

Einkorn (ancient wheat) is the new kale.

When I get off my wellness routine, all I need to do is take a brisk walk to limber my body and remind my mind of the benefits of outdoor physical activity. Then I get running and eating better.

My secret to staying healthy while traveling is sleep. I work meticulously to avoid jet lag by oversleeping, starting on the plane.

The wellness guru I really admire and follow is Deepak Chopra, who married the mind, body and spirit and constantly evolves himself by taking his own advice.

Every day I practice self-care by seven minutes of morning Sun Salutation yoga with basic calisthenics.

The podcast I love is You Turns (hosted by my wife, Lisa, and editor Jill Herzig).

My dream wellness retreat is Ananda in Rishikesh on the Ganges River, India.

My top three tips for maintaining a healthier life are sleep, sex and lots of whole foods in between.


Photography by: Sony Pictures Television