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By: MJHS Health System By: MJHS Health System | November 15, 2021 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post

Life is full of significant milestones. At the end of someone’s life journey, hospice care is there to help comfort and guide the patient and their loved ones.


It's been over a year since my sister 'G' passed away. Thankfully, I have the best memories of our time together because of the support I received from MJHS Hospice during her final days.

I am forever grateful to them, and I’m reaching out to you with the hope that you will support them with a gift today.

No family should ever have to go through the pain of losing a child. But I hope if they find themselves in similar circumstances that MJHS Hospice will be by their side.

Happy Holidays!

Anthony ‘Ant’

P.S. Thank you for making your best gift today.

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