JAJA Founders on the Future of Tequila

Christina Najjar | August 13, 2019 | Food & Drink

JAJA is tequila for the next generation. Founded by Maurice Tebele and Martin Hoffstein, the brand at once is meticulous with its sourcing and producing but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. In just a few short years, JAJA has become the tequila of choice for cocktail lovers everywhere.

Inspired to create a brand that was lacking in the spirits landscape, Tebele and Hoffstein were disappointed with the tequila brands they saw at the bars they frequented. They provided no affinity for their generation. Thus, JAJA was born. On a mission to build a brand for creatives and by creatives, Maurice and Martin set out to craft a sustainable spirit that stood for more than just a better happy hour.

Today, JAJA offers two types of tequila, Blanco and Reposado and is stocked at over 2,000 restaurants, bars, and lounges across the US. With no plans of slowing its expansion and new launches and collaborations in the near future, the pair of co-founders are seeking to turn the spirits industry on its head.

What's been the best part about building your brand?
MARTIN HOFFSTEIN: I'd say the thing that stand out the most is watching the brand evolve from an idea at a dinner table to something that people all over the world continuously appreciate.

What is different about your approach to tequila?
MH: I would say we took a fresh approach given that we have no prior liquor experience. We definitely wanted to spin the norms on its head from our approach to our packaging, ethos and marketing approach.


Favorite JAJA cocktail recipes?
MH: Spicy Mango Margarita!

Favorite New York City spots? (To drink JAJA in, of course).
MH: Soho House, JAJA Paloma.

What are you looking forward to in the second half of the year?
MH: The launch of our Anejo and the expansion into new international markets to Canada, UK and Ireland

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