JennAir Redefines the Luxury Kitchen Experience With New York Designer Young Huh

By: Modern Luxury Editors By: Modern Luxury Editors | December 10, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, People, Sponsored Post,


Transforming the luxury kitchen experience, JennAir is synonymous with pioneering innovative design in the kitchen. From statement making finishes of new appliances to the latest advancements in home technologies, elevated design choices can take you one step closer to redefining your customized kitchen space.

When it comes to luxury living, New Yorkers demand and expect the very best. Manhattan inspiration is infinite and options abound so architects, designers and customers turn to the most sophisticated and tech-progressive of brands when it comes to kitchen design. And JennAir, with a “Bound By Nothing” mantra, has embraced the mercurial demands of design to redefine the luxury living experience. Individualization, sleek design and top performance have kept JennAir at the forefront of design and a favorite among industry professionals and customers alike.


For acclaimed New York designer, Young Huh, creating the luxury kitchen is truly a bespoke and tailored experience. Huh helps her clients realize their design aesthetic and how that translates into their lifestyles. Her style is warm and welcoming and her expertise strikes the perfect mix of classic and modern. “People aren’t afraid to mix materials and the white kitchen is less sought after. Kitchen cabinets don’t have to match the island and appliances don’t have to all match to the tee. Our clients are embracing more color, bolder patterns, and a bit more eclecticism.” She adds, “Kitchen design is key and takes several client conversations to get it just right. We ask our clients to walk us through their day and explain how it will be used at different times. What types of meals do they prepare? Do they entertain? It’s a dialogue. Then we move on to design details,” says Huh.


Clients want their homes to be a reflection of their individual personalities, and kitchen customization is a significant part of today’s luxury home. Statement pieces, appliances that are as beautiful as they are functional, and leveling up to professional grade performance are some of the biggest trends in the decision making process today. Turning to JennAir, Huh states, “Everything that JennAir creates is centered around thoughtful, boundary pushing design. The finishes are expressive and artistic while also allowing a design flexibility to work in any of our clients’ homes. It’s a truly design-forward brand…from the diamond etched handles and mixed metals on the RISE™ range to the Cognac leather Cuts and burgundy interiors on their Burlesque refrigerator, it really allows for personalized expression—the ultimate luxury. I also love the Obsidian finish that is available in their Column Refrigeration!”

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Photography by: Jenn-Air