Journey to Guerrero

By: Michael McCarthy By: Michael McCarthy | April 1, 2021 | Food & Drink Sponsored Post

Clase Azul unveils the impressive Mezcal Guerrero, crafted from 100% agave cupreata.


Among tequila and mezcal aficionados, Clase Azul is known for producing some of the finest sips on the planet and for gracing its fans with regular surprises. A new one has arrived: Mezcal Guerrero—an homage to a special region of Mexico. “We celebrate the important, yet underappreciated, state of Guerrero as the inspiration for our newest family member,” says Juan Sanchez, Clase Azul’s president. “Rich in natural beauty, from the bay views to the mountains of Sierra Madre del Sur, the region has a deep connection to Mexican culture and tradition.”


All of this is reflected in the new spirit. Crafted from 100% papalote maguey, also known as agave cupreata (meaning “butterfly,” due to the shape of its stalks), the mezcal is remarkable. The release combines strong and delicate notes and an aroma that goes from grapefruit skin and fresh wood to rosemary and peanut oil with hints of butter and daisy flowers.

What makes Mezcal Guerrero unique is its provenance and the distilling process. The papalote maguey plant grows wild and completely natural by seed propagation in the high mountain range of Guerrero, which is on the coast and has a tropical climate. Papalote agave can take up to 15 years to fully mature. The producers at Clase Azul cook the selected agaves three to four days in a pit oven using volcanic rock and firewood from the Guamuchil tree—an endemic species to Mexico and South America. From there, the artisanal distillation occurs, employing firewood and a copper alembic still that has been used by local artisans for generations.


Anyone who knows and understands the DNA of this brand also appreciates the care given to the creation of its decanters. They truly are works of art, and many Clase Azul devotees find new and elegant ways to display or repurpose the bottles after the last precious drop is enjoyed. The Mezcal Guerrero green bottle represents jade, a precious stone of extreme value to Mexico’s ancestral cultures and a symbol of eternity. Guerrero’s women—tender yet strong leaders with a warrior spirit—inspired the design. Four-petal flowers grace the decanter, symbols of the Fifth Sun, a pre-Hispanic god representing the dawn of the universe. Finally, the gorgeous cap is handcrafted using an Olinalá lacquer technique, originating in Guerrero.


Arturo Lomeli, Clase Azul’s founder and CEO, notes that Guerrero is home of amazing food, magnificent artisans and fabled stories passed down through the generations. With the arrival of Mezcal Guerrero, the region—and the world of exceptional spirits—has a new story to tell.

Photography by: Clase Azul