Kane Sarhan of Flatiron's The Well Shares Tips For Maintaining A Healthier Lifestyle

Phebe Wahl | April 10, 2019 |

Kane Sarhan, co-founder of downtown’s membership-based wellness club The Well (the-well.com), is the new sovereign of streamlined self-care.


My interest in wellness was first sparked by my co-founders! Sarrah [Hallock] and Rebecca [Parekh] showed me wellness can be easy and integrated into your life.

Celery is the new kale.

My secret to staying healthy while traveling is hydration. And not stressing too much if you don’t eat the best of everything. Stress is worse than any french fry.

The wellness/health guru I really admire and follow is Dr. Frank Lipman, chief medical officer of The Well.

Every day I practice self-care by finding the joy in every situation.

My top three tips for maintaining a healthier life are 1. I look at the whole picture. It’s not just about your body. It’s about all aspects of your life—physical, emotional, spiritual. 2. Credentials matter in this world. Don’t believe everything you read from everyone you follow. Find a trusted source. 3. When in doubt, go with the simplest, most natural option.

Photography by: Matt Doyle