Letter From the Editor: A Change Will Do You Good

Cristina Cuomo | September 6, 2016 | Feature Features

While many of us live in a constant state of self-improvement—trying to get healthier, trying to change how we look, how we spend our time, how we behave, which almost seems impossible—the easiest change of all is happening around us right now: the change of seasons.

Here in the Northeast we get to witness the most beautiful transition into fall, the burning beauty of change, literally: leaves, plants, and flowers flaming out. September’s perfection makes it easier to take on so many difficult back-to-the-city-life routines, like going back to school, back to fashion week, back to the chain of charity events that begin. Here at our magazine, we also make the transition from Beach, our Hamptons-based sister magazine that runs each summer, to Manhattan, where you can see some fresh new design elements in this, our Fashion Issue, with the ever-beautiful Natalie Portman gracing our cover.

I am looking forward to so many things this month. I can’t wait for the Emmy Awards Sept. 18, where I will be sitting with fingers crossed that two of our Beach cover stars from this summer will win—Liev Schreiber for Ray Donovan and Maura Tierney for The Affair. There’s also a cover party for our stars in New York City, followed by dinner at the new Le Coucou, the subject of our esteemed food critic Gael Greene’s review in this issue. I love the ballet—see photographer Gregg Delman’s book on the stunning and graceful Misty Copeland in this issue’s NOW section—so I will be supporting the Baryshnikov Arts Center Gala Sept. 26.

Of course, the start of school most excites me, as the minds of my children will be wound up again. You can read up on last-minute checklist items to prepare you for the semester ahead in educator Ilysa Steinberg’s Brood essay, “Back on Track.” Also, I want my little ones to continue their summer wellness regimen, so I enlisted my friend Erica Karsch, owner of the wellness brand Juice Press, to create a teen card my daughter can use daily after school. After all, as their motto goes, “Juice Press every day keeps processed food ingredients away.” Ask for the JP-GENZ Card for the Generation-Z at your neighborhood Juice Press. As an introductory offer to our readers, for every $100 JP-GENZ card issued, Juice Press will credit $10. Instagram me @cristinacuomo with a photo of your favorite healthy eatery and the must-try snack, dish or smoothie in the city, so we can look into including it in our Feast Guide.

Drink up, read on and celebrate the changes.

Cristina Cuomo


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