Living to Give

Phebe Wahl | October 30, 2017 | Feature Features National

Manhattan's philanthropic powerhouses understand that true charity takes time, dedication, personal interest and, above all, passion.
Georgina Bloomberg

Forgoing creature comforts for the frontlines, Georgina Bloomberg is a hands-on
Humane Society activist.

Despite being surrounded by animals her entire life as a competitive equestrian, it wasn’t until Georgina Bloomberg rescued her first dog that she became involved in adopting and advocating for animals. “I left with a dog called Hugo, one of the loves of my life, and he completely changed my life,” she says of the experience that set in motion her lifelong passion to aid animals. Today, Bloomberg emphasizes that education is key. “Why they’re in the pound is a multilevel issue encompassing puppy mills, spaying and neutering, and many people’s inability to pay for vet care. There is not just one reason why dogs end up in pounds, so there are many parts that need to be tackled,” she explains. The petite powerhouse dedicates herself fully to the cause, taking an active role in services ranging from puppy mill raids to sending cargo planes to rescue animals in Puerto Rico. Bloomberg learned from her parents that both financial support and active involvement are fundamental. “Both sides are incredibly important—you can’t have one without the other,” she says. Her advocacy efforts also include keeping a menagerie of rescue animals of her own. “I just adopted my fifth dog from Miami-Dade Animal Services a few weeks ago,” she shares of the special-needs dog that just joined her loving family. “I always wanted to have another small, senior, special-needs dog that nobody else wanted. I was looking at my group of dogs, and they’re all amazing, but I knew that I could be doing more.”


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