Lo Bosworth Launches a New Product and Continues to Build Her Legacy

Christina Najjar | June 28, 2019 | Lifestyle

Though she originally hails from California, Lo Bosworth has firmly established herself as a New York powerhouse. The founder and CEO of the successful women’s health brand, Love Wellness, continues to be a pioneer in the space, breaking taboos with her cheekily named products that actually work. Bosworth and her team have no intention of slowing down. It seems every few months they launch a new, taboo-smashing product changing the game.


Tell us about your new launch?
LO BOSWORTH: At Love Wellness we're creating category-changing products that empower women to take better care of their bodies. It's only natural that we would tackle personal lubricant next, a product that for the most part, is made for and marketed to men. Most personal lubricants contain propylene glycol which increases a woman's risk of getting BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) by 13 times with a single use. Our newest launch Sex Stuff is made from 100% natural ingredients with an organic aloe base that's pH balanced to match her body and support intimacy. Women should be able to enjoy sex without worrying about getting an infection as a result.

Why is removing the taboo from women's health such a challenge?
LB: I find that when you empower women with education, removing the taboo becomes less difficult. We incorporate good biological information with every product we sell and when a woman knows how her body works she is empowered to take care of it without shame. It becomes very matter of fact rather than something that is whispered about.

What's the best thing about leading your company?
LB: It's thrilling to have strangers come up to me and thank me for creating products that have affected them positively. I knew from the start that they helped me and my personal health and it's very complimentary to know that I can have a positive effect on someone else as well.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?
LB: Don't quit your job until your new project is making money. The stress you'll experience from a lower (or no) salary is too much to handle on top of turning a concept into a reality. It's strategic and advisable to side hustle your way into a new business.

What legacy do you want to leave with Love Wellness?
LB: I want women to walk down the personal care aisle in every drugstore in America and feel good about the choices available for their bodies instead of embarrassed. I can achieve that through Love Wellness and we feel confident in our goal and mission.

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