Model House Los Angeles: An Invite Only society for influencers & Content Creators to Connect, Collab, and Monetize

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | May 17, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Myles Kronman launches Model House Los Angeles an exclusive agency enabling influencers and content creators of all types to connect, collab, and create long-term passive income like never before. Here’s Myles Kronman shedding more light on the concept behind this members-only society. Let’s delve.


Model House Los Angeles is more than a private society, We are an agency of modern day visionaries. With over 500 million in influencer audiences, Model House LA boasts a network of creative minds who regularly develop unique content that brands use to be seen and appreciated by the world. Myles shares, “Together, we learn new skills, set new benchmarks, and create masterpieces. With us, creativity has no limits.”

At Model House, the chief goal is to help provide members with opportunities to not only push boundaries of creativity but to also develop life-long passive income using social and digital channels. Myles believes collaboration and cross promotion is essential for content creators to create an immortal personal brand. Their Core values consist of Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, and Philanthropy. Currently the discrete Membership list consist of content creators of all types (Influencers, Models, YouTubers, Photographers, make-up artists, athletes, designers, etc.) but in order to see you just be a member yourself. All members were invited because of their passion and core values. There are very few platforms focused on helping creators understand the importance of collaboration & cross-promotion; Model House Los Angeles is one of them.

The B2B productions team at Model House LA is not only well-versed with all aspects of branding & content creation but also knows and makes sure their corporate clients achieve the level of excellence they expect. From timeless and tasteful to modern and magnificent solutions, Model House LA works with their clients to find what’s best for their brand. They have production packages for any budget. From simple product and lifestyle photos to video Ads and large commercial productions, Model House LA is a one-stop source for all photo and video content needs.

Ask Myles what makes Model House different, he says, “Well, we have two completely different sides of the company yet both coexist perfectly.

When it comes With B2B production and content creation We bring a wealth of skills and experience from various backgrounds under one roof. You can consider us a web creative minds who work for you. The team is a one stop shop for small startup brand & large house hold brands.

Our members society is an exclusive network for those that see the value in developing true and genuine relationships. “I started this company because I was tired of seeing my influencer friends not understand the value of their audience and the content they create. Unlike most agencies we are not looking to sign exclusive deals or contracts in order to profit from members. Instead we we are focused on giving our members the power to create a strong personal brand, connect with the world. And monetize their talents.

Model House Los Angeles holds a members-only approach because they believe in a tight-knit community of content creators who are bound together by strong relationships and common interests and are ready to go all in to connect, create, and cross-promote and help and learn from each other. Myles shares, “Together, we break new grounds. Our members-only approach reminds our clients and influencers that working together is much better than strictly being out there for yourself. We are a family of content creators who look out for each other and inspire each other to push boundaries.”

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