Modern Luxury Sets Sail on the Queen Mary 2 with the Louis Vuitton in Tow

By Connor Childers | November 5, 2019 | Style & Beauty National


Breathtakingly grand in size, the Queen Mary 2 provides the chicest sail on the open seas. Double-breasted belted coat with pockets, $5,050, printed top, $1,070, high-waisted flared pant, $1,330, Plate belt, $730, Rhapsody ballerina, $1,140, and Twist BB handbag, $3,700, luggage, prices upon request.

The navy blue sea rolls underneath, lending everything it touches its exact rhythm–ebbing and flowing in unison as far as the eye can see. Above, the sun barely manages to maneuver its light through the gray clouds, creating a heavenly appearance against the cold Atlantic’s surface. Among the ocean’s echo, the stillness is all-consuming and the waves hypnotizing. Slowly, tensions drain and thoughts slip away. It’s in this moment that you understand the pure, unique experience aboard the Queen Mary 2 (Grill Suites from $3,998 per person on a Transatlantic Crossing).

The ship, part of Cunard’s world-class fleet, is the only passenger-bearing ocean liner still in existence. Measuring in at 149,215 gross tons and 1,130 feet in length, the superhuman spectacle serves as the largest passenger ocean liner ever built—and, undoubtedly, the most luxurious. Despite its grand size, the Queen Mary 2 offers a surprisingly smooth ride—keeping noise and vibration levels to a minimum, even at extraordinary speeds. The result is an experience that more closely resembles a sprawling five-star resort than a typical commercial cruise. This notion lends itself to the almost 1,200-person crew as well, including world-class chefs, personal trainers, massage therapists and estheticians who all work diligently to ensure guests have nothing but sophisticated and seamless adventures at sea.

Upon boarding, you can’t help but be in awe of every intricate detail of the ship, from the domed salons and grand spiraling staircases to the prim promenades and carefully manicured decks, not to mention the luxurious pools, sprawling multistory restaurants, the decadent spa, elaborate concert halls and intimate cocktail bars that await at every turn. The pinnacle of luxury, though, lies in the accommodations. Guests can enjoy a range of staterooms culminating in the Grill Suite Duplexes (from $12,809 per person on a Transatlantic Crossing), which are each two stories and overlook the stern. Easily the most lavish living arrangements available on the open sea, each suite has a private gym, a balcony, a butler and enviable views from an unobstructed two-story glass window. But why stop there? For even more room, all five duplexes can be combined into one opulent Grand Duplex apartment topping out at over 9,000 square feet of living space.


Every window on the ship introduces a more awe-inspiring view than the last. Embroidered polo dress, $9,050, and LV Planet ring, $585.

Recently, the Queen Mary 2 has experimented with themed voyages, most notably its annual fashion cruise, which meticulously merges travel and style in ways previously uncharted. While the world of fashion continually looks to travel for inspiration, it’s ever so rare to experience the symbiotic relationship from the other side, which Cunard has managed to execute to perfection with its Transatlantic Fashion Week (Grill Suites from $4,489 per person). Here, fashion industry legends such as Stephen Jones and Stuart Weitzman put on runway shows and host panel discussions to educate and inspire; fashion filmmakers premiere their latest masterpieces; and top pastry chefs craft mouthwatering creations—to be devoured during the quintessential British teatime, of course.

When not partaking in one of the many events scheduled during the voyage, the most thrilling pastime is to simply get lost and explore. Take a walk down one of the many winding hallways to learn about the history of Cunard; nestle in one of the plush chairs that overlook the bow in the sweeping grand library; gather in the Commodore Club to sip a handcrafted cocktail; kick back and experience the stellar planetarium show; or follow the sound of the piano keys to the Golden Lion. Most special, however, is the feeling achieved at the end of the evening when the last song comes to a close: Slip onto the deck with a glass of Champagne and look up at the night sky. It’s here where stars shine so bright, they glow. It’s here where you feel the ocean’s melodic rhythm beginning to carry you away. And it’s here where you reconnect with a supreme sense of serenity.


Explore the ship’s many immaculate decks to soak up the sun, or engage in refined recreation. Embroidered leopard top, $3,750, Damier leather skirt, $5,200, and Bohemian Vuittony mask sunglasses, $620.


Make an entrance on the grand staircase in your most elegant evening attire. Bustier strap dress, $5,200, embroidered shirt, $2,400, and Rhapsody ballerina, $1,140.


Dine in style in one of the Restaurants on board. Embroidered leather strap dress, price upon request, LV Leaves single earring, $425, and mini Dauphine handbag, $3,150.


The ship’s graphic, sleek exterior juxtaposes the lavish, ornate interior. Trompe L’oeil pullover, $2,400, embroidered skirt, $4,650, Rhapsody high boot, $1,810, Louis TV sunglasses, $555, LV Planet earrings, $730, Plate belt, $730, LV Planet ring, $585, and Capucines PM handbag, similar styles $4,950.


Come to the Commodore Club for craft cocktails and chic interiors. Gilet with embroidered cape, $10,000, belted embroidered ruffle dress, $7,850, Rhapsody ballerina, $1,140, and LV Planet ring, $585.

All at Louis Vuitton.

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Photography by: Photographed by Carlos Ruiz | Styled by James Aguiar | Shot on board the Queen Mary 2 | Hair and makeup by Fredy Anaya at Utopia | Model: Kylie Vonnahme, Elite


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