Naturopathica Debuts A New Center And Two CBD Products

Teddy Son | December 16, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Chill Full Spectrum CBD Microdose Elixir, $88

As the cold, stressful winters of New York stretch deeper, Naturopathica offers comfort in both a sparkling new Holistic Health Center on Madison and the release of a Chill collection, including two cannabidiol (CBD) products, the Chill Full Spectrum CBD Microdose Elixir ($88) and the Chill Full Spectrum CBD & Kava Balm ($76). Both concoctions aid in stress-relieving and relaxation with the kava balm targeting mostly pressure points and tense muscles and the elixir helping with restful sleep. The main ingredient in the products is the organically developed and cultivated hemp flower, the most cannabinoid-rich part of the plant and a highly effective stress treatment. At the Holistic Health Center, patrons can partake in IV therapy, community programming, holistic health consultations to find herbal remedies and even “Mommy and Me” meditation and movement, complete with a stroller valet. “By connecting individuals with the city’s best experts, we stay close to our mission of ‘deeper beauty,’” says founder Barbara Close. 667 Madison Ave.,

Photography by: Courtesy of Naturopathica