A New Legacy

Phebe Wahl | April 30, 2018 | Feature Features

The talented toque behind Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones hits Hudson Yards and scoops on his latest hit, Legacy Records.
A crudo tasting is available for $25 per person.

Following in the footsteps of Delicious Hospitality Group’s Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones, chef Ryan Hardy recently debuted Legacy Records—and the Hudson Yards hot spot was a hit before the needle even hit the vinyl. We polled the town’s tastemaker of the moment for the inside dish.

What is the vibe for Legacy Records?
I think it’s maybe a slightly more adult version [of] Charlie Bird. It’s fun. We play the music as loud as we do at Charlie Bird. It’s a new construction. You know, so somebody asked me, ‘What’s the new restaurant going to be like?’ And I said, ‘Well, listen, Charlie Bird is who we were five years ago; Legacy is who we are now.’

What is the most exciting thing on the menu?
The duck. We age it for two weeks, poached in honey, and then roast it until it gets black on the outside—honey-blackened duck; I love it.

What’s the most popular dish?
Probably the crudo. We run a bunch of different crudos, probably about five or six raw fish items, and we do a little tasting of those, and that’s kind of been the steal of the menu, if you will. You can taste four [or] five of the little sample bites. And that’s been amazing. We sell it on almost every table.

Your best friend is at the bar: What do you recommend they order in terms of a cocktail?
We’re just about to open the upstairs bar, and one of the cocktails we’ve been experimenting with is called the Betts, after Richard Betts, the founder of Astral tequila and Sombra mezcal. It’s very different. We used to work together years ago, and it’s fresh-squeezed lime juice, cilantro and half mezcal, half tequila. It’s terrific.


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