New Year, New Leadership at Coldwell Banker Warburg

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | January 29, 2024 | Home & Real Estate Sponsored Post

As Kevelyn Guzman takes the reins as the new regional vice president of this NYC brokerage, she’s furthering the company’s legacy with a focus on growth and purpose.

After a journey that began on Wall Street and a brief stopover at a smaller real estate firm, Kevelyn Guzman found her true calling at Warburg Realty (now Coldwell Banker Warburg) as the director of operations for the firm. Fast forward 16 years, and she's ascended to the role of regional vice president—an achievement that's nothing short of impressive.

“Before taking on this role, I was the wizard behind the curtain, quietly orchestrating the company's strategy and operations," Guzman shares with a twinkle in her eye. "Numbers have always been my forte, so when it comes to steering the ship toward sales and growth, you can count on me. Now, I find myself front and center, ready to share the wisdom I've gathered along the way with the world."

In 2023, one of Kevelyn Guzman's remarkable accomplishments was the development of systems and the establishment of vital connections with the broader Coldwell Banker brand. Just two years after the acquisition, she masterfully guided the Warburg team to a point where systems seamlessly intertwined, the team was fostering relationships with Coldwell Banker agents from distant regions and their operations ran as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

As she takes the reins this year, Guzman's vision for 2024 revolves around growth, purpose and an unwavering focus on the heart of the company: its people.

As of January 2024, Kevelyn Guzman is the new regional vice president at Coldwell Banker Warburg.

Building Upon the Legacy

Something Guzman was drawn to from her first day at Coldwell Banker Warburg is just how much the company cares for its agents and employees—it’s the essence of Coldwell Banker Warburg’s culture. Guzman plans to continue growing this supportive environment because, to her, culture is a crucial contributing factor to success, especially in real estate.

"It's all about the culture—that's what truly makes a difference in our business," Guzman explains. "Our agents, they're not just part of the team; they're our customers, too. They're the bridge between us and our buyers and sellers. So, when our agents are content and performing well, it's a win-win. It translates into happy buyers and sellers, which, in the end, is what we're all about.”

Along with fostering an empowering and people-focused culture, Guzman enters 2024 with concrete plans to grow the business. With more than a decade of experience, she’s found new and innovative ways to bring Coldwell Banker Warburg to new heights.

“This year is about both internally and externally expanding in a way that we've never done before,” Guzman says. “I've got a bunch of fresh ideas and initiatives. It’s all I think about, and now that I’m at the helm, I’ll be able to roll out some of those initiatives."

In tandem with growing the business, one of Guzman’s primary goals this year is to hone in on and promote Coldwell Banker Warburg’s purpose. The company has always placed a heavy focus on sharing its mission, but Guzman wants to elevate and highlight its purpose even further—it’s about showing the world that Coldwell Banker Warburg is much more than just a brokerage.

“It's not just about making money,” Guzman says. “We're changing people's lives. We’re helping buyers and sellers during perhaps one of the most critical times in their lives. Some people are using their life savings to purchase a home. Others are downsizing or maybe getting divorced. No matter how you put it, we are critical in those transactions because we guide people through that process.”

Tips and Trends for 2024 for Agents

As the new regional vice president of Coldwell Banker Warburg, Guzman has her finger on the pulse of all things real estate. She leads her agents to success by understanding the market and the best ways to navigate it—and for agents right now, it’s all about networking and marketing.

“I have these conversations with my agents all the time—networking is key,” Guzman says. “It’s about marketing yourself on social media, your newsletter, staying in touch with your sphere of influence and attending networking events. One thing I always tell my agents to do is capitalize on what we offer here in terms of marketing. We're fortunate to have an exceptional marketing team on board. They play a pivotal role in empowering our agents to stand out in the crowd. Instead of settling for basic templates, our marketing team crafts bespoke materials that truly set our agents apart from the competition.”

Beyond newsletters and email blasts, for the Coldwell Banker Warburg team, marketing is about highlighting and amplifying each of its agents' unique set of skills and qualities. Their individuality and commitment to delivering top-tier service are what makes Coldwell Banker Warburg shine, and the marketing team is dedicated to showcasing what makes every one of its agents exceptional.

With Guzman at the helm, Coldwell Banker Warburg is expanding in new ways in 2024.

Tips and Trends for 2024 for Buyers and Sellers

When it comes to operating in today’s market as a seller, Guzman stresses the importance of listening to your agent and pricing your property correctly. Since there isn’t a lot of inventory right now, many sellers feel they can price their homes as high as they want, but Guzman warns that despite low inventory, pricing correctly is crucial.

“You don't want a property on the market that's going to sit there for a long time because it's not priced correctly,” she says. “So this is where an agent comes in and can do comparables for you and can guide you in that process.”

Looking ahead at the market, Guzman offers some reassuring insights: There's no need for buyers to be apprehensive, as interest rates are anticipated to decline, and this shift is poised to make both buying and selling more favorable for everyone.

"As we ride the waves of change in the 2024 market, I can't help but feel exhilarated by the journey of taking charge, steering our ship and nurturing our business alongside our dedicated agents here at Coldwell Banker Warburg,” Guzman says. “The future holds boundless opportunities, and I'm thrilled to be at the helm, guiding us toward success together.”

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