NYC's Premier Tasting Event, City Harvest's BID, Is On Tuesday Night

City Harvest | October 28, 2019 | Food & Drink Feature Features


City Harvest's BID, New York City's premier tasting event, is coming up on October 29! This event brings together 50 of the city's best chefs, restaurants, and mixologists to support City Harvest's work to feed New Yorkers in need.

We spoke to City Harvest Food Council members and BID participants Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli of Don Angie and Quality Italian, and Markus Glocker of the Michelin-starred Bâtard and Augustine to get the dish on all things BID, from this year’s Studio 54 theme to what they’ll be serving at the event.


What are you most looking forward to about BID?

Markus Glocker: I’ve been a City Harvest supporter for the past 3 years on the Food Council. This is obviously one of the biggest events for us. For me, this year is big because I’m running the New York City Marathon on the City Harvest Team. It’s a big achievement for me personally, and I’m really looking forward to being able to do this in addition to participating in BID.

Angie Rito and Scott Tacinelli: BID is one of our favorite events to cook for. It’s such a fun event, and it’s amazing to see so many talented people coming together for such an important cause. We are looking forward to helping raise even more money than we did last year!

What are you making at BID?

MG: We’re going to do a salmon crudo dish with avocado, crispy jasmine rice, and a little bit of citrus vinaigrette. It’s going to be very fresh, simple, and healthy.

AR & ST: We will be making a spicy version of baked clams oreganata that we’re calling “Spicy Clams Francesco,” as they get their kick from Frank’s Red Hot. The spicy clams are topped with a green radish slaw with fresh chives and dill, buttermilk and blu di bufala cheese.

How are you embracing the Studio 54 theme?

MG: Since I never made it to Studio 54, I think it’s the best ever—the glitz and glam. Living in New York, I hear so much about Studio 54, and I think it will make BID this year a lot of fun for a lot of people.

AR & ST: We plan to dress up our table with some fun décor items, and we might even wear some Studio 54-themed accessories!

Why is supporting City Harvest important to you?

MG: I’ve been in the city for about 14 years now, and so much of it was spent cooking, cooking, cooking. I think New Yorkers were very, very generous with me, and I thought it was time to do something for New York as well—what better way to do that than through a charity that helps New Yorkers in need.

AR & ST: There are so many people in need in NYC and City Harvest makes a huge impact with its work. We are honored and proud to work with such an amazing organization that makes a difference in so many peoples’ lives. Being New Yorkers for the last 15 years, we are so happy to do something to give back to this community in such an impactful way.

Photography by: City Harvest