NYC Studio Stretch*d Offers Up Star-Worthy Stretching Treatments

Jing Yang | May 21, 2019 | Lifestyle


The approach involves assisted stretching to increase flexibility and ranges of motion.

A spotlight on Billions recently expanded the—um—reach of stretching studio Stretch*d, and New Yorkers can now get the same star treatment. For a youthful glow, experts apply a LightStim of LED facial and stretch the feet and lower legs to firm and tone skin during the 20-minute anti-aging face and foot stretch ($60). And for a twist on its method, the brand also debuts Loos*n Up ($200 for a 90-minute assessment), a new six-week program to reduce pain or tension to improve overall flexibility. An elongating workout that doesn’t break a sweat? Now that is something well within our range of motion. 27 W. 20th St.,


Photography by: stretch*d