Osborne & Little Is Bringing Wow To Walls

Laura Hine | February 17, 2020 | Home & Real Estate

Magnolia Frieze has a different tone and color palette, but creates an equally memorable room.

Shrinking violets may not want to transform their walls into a botanical paradise of flowing orchids and flitting hummingbirds, but if you’re ready for a statement, the Folium collection by Osborne & Little brings life to your interior space. According to the design team, these large feature wallpapers provide a focal point for a room, acting as a mural that provides a platform for a decorating scheme. The designers took full advantage of digital printing to explore freedom of scale and to capture the beauty of handpainted artwork. “Trailing Orchid and Magnolia Frieze were both handpainted in the studio and then scanned into the computer,” says Samantha Miller, head of communications for Osborne & Little.

OL01.jpgOsborne & Little’s large-scale wallcovering Trailing Orchid is a fanciful delight.

“This enabled the designers to experiment with different layouts and compositions.” The team was also inspired by the increasing use of botanicals and indoor plants in homes, as well as public spaces such as restaurants and hotels; this collection captures the feeling of the outdoors in a stylized and fantastical way. Prices upon request, osborneandlittle.com

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Photography by: Courtesy of Osborne & Little