Paintbox Unveils Power Couples

Christina Najjar | August 5, 2019 | Lifestyle

After testing thousands of shades via 117,000 manicures at their flagship 17 Crosby Street studio, Paintbox recently unveiled a new high-fashion lacquer line, dubbed Power Couples, as color theory for women who want to feel modern, confident and connected in the form of elevated and unexpected color pairings.

The inaugural Spring/Summer Power Couples Collection is a hyper-curated set of 10-free, cruelty-free, universally-flattering lacquer pairings that instantly bring the dynamic creativity of the Paintbox studio into clients’ homes for the very first time. As a former beauty editor, Paintbox Chief Creative Officer Eleanor Langston, has made it her mission to bring an edited assortment of vivid polish duos to the market that mirror the fashion calendar. “Standing in front of a polish wall is super intimidating and brings a paralysis of choices,” Langston says. “These curated Power Couples are approachable, experimental, artful–and all you need in your nail-polish wardrobe this season.”


Paintbox has truly become the authority on color. With hundreds of thousands of manicures under their belt since opening in 2014, Paintbox is the preeminent color authority, elevating every aspect of the manicure experience, where its creative artists are truly color theorists, constantly encouraging clients to step outside their comfort zones, all while remaining under the umbrella of an elevated, modern style aesthetic. Through this process, Paintbox became a think-tank for these unique six shades, which are the foundation for the Power Couples pairings, as well as the artists’ creative knack for combining cool, unexpected colors together as a form of style expression.

Unlike traditional nail salons, Paintbox has revolutionized polish wall paralysis into a clean and fashion-forward Seasonal Menu, inclusive of 12 unique nail designs curated by founder Eleanor Langston that mimic the fashion calendar, unlike any brand on the market. These three polish pairs range from a poppy red and lilac, terracotta and yellow, to an earthy pine green and powder blue and Paintbox will be adding new color combinations seasonally.


While competitors attempt to capitalize on the nail market in New York City, Paintbox has remained fully booked as the go-to nail studio, further expanding its team year-over-year with almost 60 employees currently on staff. Impressively, Paintbox has been completely self-funded since launch.

In an industry that has been plagued by poor working conditions, lax sanitation and uncomfortable customer service, Paintbox (entirely woman-owned and operated) conducted extensive research on wages, not just in nail salons, but in beauty businesses around the city, to inform their unparalleled compensation structure, which is among the most highly compensated in the country alongside paid vacation and fully-covered health insurance, showcasing how the company is proud to be part of the vanguard changing the way business is done. Better still, a significant portion of the employees actually own shares in the company.

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