Plays Well With Others Launches Its First Online Collection

Katherine Stater | December 23, 2019 | Style & Beauty

From left: Frequent Flyer scoop neck in Vintage White, $128, Billie Jean muscle T-shirt in Vintage White, $130, Globe Trotter tank in Vintage White, $118, and Forever Crew T-shirt in Vintage White, $130

A perfect T-shirt has been a fashion quest since the beginning of the 1920s, when the clothing item hit the market. Although the range of choices expanded dramatically, a hole still existed in the market for a truly fantastic shirt. Enter Plays Well With Others. The fashion brand aims to solve the problem of the ill-fitting tee with its environmentally sustainable, fashionable shirts that are chic enough to wear on the red carpet. Mixing a well-made T-shirt with trendy fashionable clothes looks modern and fresh, say the founders, designer Cheyann Benedict and stylist Cristina Ehrlich, whose clients have included Tina Fey and Penelope Cruz. Both designers’ favorite shirt so far is the Liberal ($135), an oversize and slightly cropped shirt that works well with high-waisted, wide-leg pants. While the tanks and tees remain its mainstays, Plays Well With Others plans to expand from T-shirts into sweats and pants in the upcoming summer and fall 2020 collections, respectively. Its first website collection launched this season with a holiday theme and a series of charitable partnerships such as Schools on Wheels, a non-profit that provides tutoring for children in downtown L.A.

Photography by: Photo by Alan Silfen