Open Roads, Open Minds : A driving experience with Porsche and Manhattan Magazine

| December 9, 2020 | Sponsored Post,

Fashion bloggers, George Myrie and Marika Brown, share how driving became a moment of escape from city life.

Now more than ever we are looking for outlets of escape--a long run, a good book, a solo drive; perfect solitary moments of reflection that give peace to an uncertain and chaotic world. For Brooklyn-based lifestyle bloggers, George Myrie and Marika Brown, their long drives out of the city became a moment of zen during lockdown.

“Over the last few months we would take day trips in our car to get out of the city,” said Myrie. “It’s an hour and a half drive north and it’s all scenic. The trees, the windy roads, going up and down the mountains. It’s just beautiful.”

“Driving was the best over the last few months,” echoed Brown. “ It was a safe haven. You felt safe within the car and it was a way to reset.”

The all-electric Porsche Taycan Turbo [] provided the perfect driving sanctuary as Myrie and Brown joined other New York car enthusiasts for an afternoon drive west of the city, as part of Porsche’s Stay Driven Tour. [] Winding through the scenic Catskill Mountains and fall foliage, guests enjoyed an afternoon test-driving the latest fleet of vehicles from Porsche.

“If I had to describe the Taycan, I’d say it was fierce and that it commands attention,” said Brown. “It has a purr.”

“But it’s electric, there wasn’t a purr,” Myrie reminds her.

“Well, maybe it was in my mind,” Brown said. “The purr was definitely in my mind.”

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