See Prada's Fall 2021 Womenswear Collection

Shreya Chari | February 26, 2021 |

Prada Fall 2021

The past year was full of health risks and messages that urged all of us to stay indoors and protect our communities. The lifestyle change was sudden, and it brought up an important question: Does fashion matter in a world without social interaction?

The fashion world has adapting to our new normal, pusing their limits with creative digital collection showcases and reacting to our inside-world with lounge-inspired pieces (like Coach) or going full glamour in protest (like Moschino). Prada, on the other hand, went for a unifying message of hope.

“Optimism is mounting,” Miuccia Prada says. She and co-creative director Raf Simmons spoke to fans in a Q&A after showcasing the legendary design house's Fall 2021 collection. Prada feels there's a shift of mind coming, thanks in part to vaccine distribution and the crisp, warm spring breezes beginning to fill the air.

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Finally reverting from this global health crisis to a seemingly-close-to-normal world is a big win. Prada’s new collection embodies that spirit with rectangular, double-sided wraps that symbolized protection and elegance, as well as vivid colors and textures such as yellow puff sleeve coats, midnight sequins and fur.

In an ode to how the pandemic has shaped fashion, the collection insists that women shouldn't have to choose between beauty and comfort.

“Ease and movement were very important to us,” Simmons is quoted in Vogue.

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As a result of Zoom meetings, classes and social interaction, a new fashion trend rose that gave way to chic but comfy fashion. Athleisure, tank tops, cardigans help people to look presentable from the top-up, while stylish trend-setters turn to natural makeup over a full beat.

Fashion found its place and thrived by suiting our sedentary lifestyle. Comfort became a top priority in 2020, and Prada is happy to elevate the trend for 2021.

Read more about the Prada Fall 2021 line n Vogue, and view the full digital collection below.

Photography by: YouTube video


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