Stephanie Nass on Timeless Style and Holiday Hosting

Longines | November 13, 2019 |

New York pastry chef, expert caterer and culinary influencer Stephanie Nass, who is also known as Chefanie, knows just how to plan the perfect holiday party.


One of Stephanie’s favorite tips for holiday entertaining is to pre-make a signature cocktail. “By serving a mulled wine or hot toddy, you can spend more time having fun with your friends instead of tending to a full bar all night.”

Also, customize place settings to double as party favors. Take the time to write your friends’ names on cookies with an edible ink pen, print on an orange or an ornament with a marker, or even embroider a linen napkin. It’s a fun, personal touch that your guests will love to take home.

“At any dinner party, the tablescape is just as important as the food, so invest in durable, well-made table accessories that complement your style.”

Similarly, Stephanie knows the watch you wear plays a part in your overall style as well. “I think a watch adds sophistication to any outfi t. My Longines watch has such a classic look, and I absolutely love its blue dial. But the Longines craftsmanship and durability are equally as important. I know this watch will last a lifetime.”

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Photography by: Brandon Schulman