Up in the Air

Kai Burkhardt | February 7, 2019 | Feature Features National

Gulfstream's new design studio in Midtown opens for a customizable jet experience.
The G650ER is one of the customizable planes.

Gulfstream’s new 8,500-square-foot Midtown location is giving jet-setters the chance to build the planes of their dreams and live in the clouds with style. Customers are treated to white-glove sale and design service while using a nearly 20-foot power wall dedicated to plane customization. Embedded with digital design and cabin layout selection capabilities, the wall allows for real-time access to changeable seat configurations and external paint options. “The cabin outfitting experience at Gulfstream Manhattan is designed to be personalized, delightful, even serene,” says Tray Crow, director of interior design at Gulfstream. “We created a minimalist space with clean lines and natural light to help clients focus on the material selection process without being overwhelmed by competing, outside influences.” Fully developed by Gulfstream, these technologically advanced planes can be tailored to any lifestyle. Choose from one of the five aesthetics—classic, sport, minimalist, next generation or layered—and from there, craft it into your ideal jet. Any style is achievable with more than 200,000 fabric options, 100 veneers, custom-made carpets and fine European leathers to choose from. Each aircraft is delivered fully outfitted, Crow says, including all interior options such as upholstery, carpeting, finishes, china, flatware and accessories. The G650ER, which can fly almost anywhere in the world nonstop, is just one of Gulfstream’s customizable planes that is lifting business-jet travel to new heights. From $24.5 million-$70.15 million depending on selected aircraft, by appointment only, 667 Madison Ave.


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