The Art of Chronograph Road Show

| November 21, 2014 | Parties

On Wednesday, November 12th, as part of a world tour to celebrate the launch of its most recent masterpiece, the German prestige watchmaker Glashütte Original invited VIP guests to an exclusive evening of technological sophistication and timeless elegance at the Sky Room of the New Museum. Set up as an interactive exhibition, the event brought a fascinating collection of vintage watch mechanisms, all manufactured in Glashütte over the past near 170 years, encouraging guests to travel trough time and learn about the brand’s heritage and tradition on chronographs production. The music performance by the remarkable solo violinist Bryson Andres captivated the crowd with its fusion of classic and contemporary arrangements.

The next stop for the road show featuring the new chronograph movement caliber 37 is in the city of Chicago, where the interactive exhibit will be open to the public at the Tourbillon Boutique (545 N Michigan Avenue) from November 18 to 23.

Photography by Glashütte Original


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