The Class Founder Taryn Toomey Releases E-Book “The Cleanse”

Zoe Constantinidis | March 6, 2020 | Food & Drink Lifestyle

Toomey’s 10-day detox recharges the body, mind and soul.


Taryn Toomey, founder of The Class fitness experience, is pushing her followers to get curious about food with her seasonal cleanse e-book, The Cleanse ($20). The goal of the accompanying, 10-day program is to detoxify the body, reset the mind and recharge the spirit with daily support from Toomey and her team. The Cleanse is divided into two tiers; the first cuts out most animal proteins and all sugar, gluten, dairy, highly processed soy and caffeine. The second half eliminates animal proteins altogether.

Toomey enlists the help of triple-board-certified nutritionist Dana James for creating a detox that centers around seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating, which helps the body to rebalance itself and bring vibrancy back into life. Throughout the process, detoxers are given daily menu plans and grocery lists, provided by Provenance Meals, along with The Class team’s techniques for handling cravings and mindful routines to support wellness goals.


Along with the e-book are two add-on options meant to enhance the detox experience. The meal delivery program by Provenance Meals ($65 per day) starts exclusively on Mondays and will send all of The Cleanse meals to the door. Toomey is also offering a five-class package ($130) that will boost the effects of the detox and add movement into the routine. 22 Park Place, Floor 3,

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Photography by: Courtesy of Taryn Toomey