Twice Toothpaste Will Give You Something to Smile About

Christina Najjar | July 30, 2019 | Lifestyle

What does Lenny Kravitz have to do with the future of dental hygiene, you might ask yourself. Well, lots actually. After witnessing an epidemic of poor dental care on a trip to the Bahamas in 2015, superstar Lenny Kravitz and brothers Julian and Cody Levine co-founded Twice with the goal to revitalize the industry and unlock the power of the world’s smiles.

Twice is a modern oral healthcare company reimagining the everyday experience of brushing your teeth, transforming it from a mundane routine, into a ritual you'll look forward to.


The brand’s innovative flagship product, The Duo, is inspired by the astonishing fact that over 100 million Americans do not brush twice daily. The Duo aims to positively impact brushing habits by offering a refreshing minty Early Bird formula to awaken in the morning and a Twilight formula infused with vanilla-lavender to relax before bed.

Even better, 10% of all Twice profits benefit the GLO GOOD FOUNDATION, which serves communities in need with life-changing dentistry, education and supplies.


What was the inspiration behind Twice?
JULIAN LEVINE/ CODY LEVINE: The three of us were together on a volunteer trip providing dental care to Lenny’s community in the Bahamas. This community had very little access to dental care and as a result, everyone was living in pain, either mental or physical because of their teeth. We saw the emotional results of dental care firsthand. Giving someone a new smile changes their life, gives them confidence, newfound beauty and immediate happiness. We wanted to help spread this cause to more people around the world by creating a mission-driven brand that goes beyond "giving back" by truly helping people around the world gain access to life-changing care. In order to do that, we spent two years developing Twice, a product that gets people to love and enjoy taking care of their smiles.

What's been the best part about growing a new business?
JL/CL: Twice is a family business, which makes the journey that much more special. Building a purpose-driven brand is truly incredible. Realizing the impact we can have keeps us motivated through the tough times and makes the successes that much sweeter. As a personal care product, the positive reactions of our customers and hearing how Twice makes the mundane behavior of brushing your teeth something people actually look forward to makes us smile every time!

What's something you learned when creating Twice?
JL/CL: That 100,000,000 people do not brush twice a day. This gave us our name, Twice and the idea to create two products, one for morning and one for night. It created the desire to help elevate oral care and the health of our customers by making toothpaste so good that it can't be ignored.

What are you looking forward to brand-wise for the rest of the year?
JL/CL: Two things. Our 1 year anniversary is on World Smile Day, October 4th. We're planning some fun collaborations and events to help promote the message of the brand and the holiday: the power of a smile. Second thing is planning our next dental mission. The missions with Glo Good Foundation are an amazing reminder of why we started Twice and it gets bigger and bigger each year. Every year we go into planning just before the holidays.

What’s makes Twice different than other oral care brands?
JL/CL: We’re the first oral care brand creating products for your smile that make you smile. From our mission to our products, inside and out.

Dream Twice customer?
JL/CL: As New Yorkers, would love to have Derek Jeter, The Captain, brushing with Twice.

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