Upper West Side's Infamous Bistro Gets a Rebrand

Jing Yang | May 29, 2019 | Food & Drink

Infamous Bistro serves customers American dishes with Mediterranean and Asian inspiration.


Tiramisu and chocolate caramel mousse

On the Upper West Side, Infamous Bistro’s cozy vibe and American menu with Mediterranean and Asian influences are helping the restaurant solidify an already-strong reputation. Formerly Infamous Chicken, the restaurant changed its name and updated the menu to present a more well-rounded selection of dishes and drinks. Featuring seasonal fare made from organic sources—think Blue Moon Acres Farm, Foraged and Found Edibles, and Norwich Meadows Farms— Infamous Bistro offers homemade pasta, roasted salmon and a juicy hanger steak. Executive chef Zivko Radojcic grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, where he became interested in bold flavors and soulful dishes made with local ingredients. He uses his talents to create detail-driven classics with special touches, such as homemade pickles and unusual flavor combinations.


Infamous Bistro

The menu highs are queso frito, which encompasses house-pickled scallions with fried cheese, tartar sauce and lemon; pan-seared scallops with homemade black fideo, chorizo puree and lobster sauce; and mezzi rigatoni with prosciutto, jalapeno, confited leeks, pepper sauce and feta. The bistro’s cocktails include the Monica with Campari, strawberry puree and prosecco, and the Lincoln Says made from Vida mezcal, framboise, Alfonso sherry and Cocchi Rosa, all designed by beverage consultant Milos Zica of Employees Only. Sister establishment to the Mediterranean-style Marlow Bistro, Infamous Bistro sustains the cheerful and intimate atmosphere with an outdoor bar to serve the community during warmer months. 1012 Amsterdam Ave., infamousbistro.com


Photography by: Molly Tavoletti/courtesy of infamous bistro