From the Entrepreneurs Behind Y7 Comes a New Way to Meditate

Christina Najjar | July 23, 2019 | Lifestyle

Feeling stressed? Summer blues? Caffeine habit reaching ridiculous proportions? Fear not! Help is here. The entrepreneurs who shattered the conventions of yoga with Y7 Studio introduced their next venture with WAVE, an innovative meditation product and content subscription that offers a totally new approach to traditional mindfulness practices. The founders are tapping into the 86 percent of Americans who do not currently meditate. WAVE sits at the intersection of technology, music and wellness. It is designed for those who think meditation is too strict, too rigid, or just “not for me,” but still desperately seek the positive benefits of mindfulness.


WAVE is an entirely new way to meditate, infusing breath, body and beats in a two-part system. First, the hardware. The WAVE Bolster Kit includes patent-pending, memory foam cushion infused with technology that allows users to feel the beat through vibrations. Designed for comfort, the bolster can be placed beneath your back while laying down or sitting up (sitting cross-legged with perfect posture isn’t for everyone). The kit includes a pair of over-ear headphones and is Bluetooth enabled to sync with the WAVE iPhone app. The kit also includes a beautiful, minimal wooden stand to display the product in your home and create a physical place of ritual.

Secondly, the software. The WAVE App is a subscription-based experience designed to feel like a music app, featuring over 80 10- to 15-minute tracks of 100 percent original meditation content. Created by a Grammy-nominated composer, WAVE tracks feature genreless bass-bumping beats and guided instruction that pair with the vibrations in the bolster to offer a breathing and mindfulness exercise you can feel.


WAVE doesn’t look, sound, or act like traditional meditation. Altogether, the multi-sensory experience is unlike anything else in the market. WAVE co-founders Mason Levey and Brad Warsh, the former Co-Founder and Creative Director of Y7 Studio respectively, created WAVE to bring meditation mainstream and make the practice more approachable, enjoyable and culturally relevant.

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