Where the pleasures are still simple.

By Jim Lennon By Jim Lennon | June 17, 2024 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,


Deep down, we understand that the best things in life are often the least complicated—and that almost everything is better when we share it with loved ones. A pitcher of lemonade on a hot afternoon. A cozy evening by the fire. A crisp autumn apple. Whenever life is good, it’s going to be even better with someone else.

Deep down, we yearn for a place where life is less complicated, where the pleasures are still simple, and the summer seems to last just a little bit longer.

More than anything, we want to recapture some of the magic of childhood, when being a family meant spending time together as a family. We want to establish traditions. We want a place to call our own, where we’re among friends, both old and new. A place where we can reconnect with who and what is most important, and maybe make a few new connections along the way.


We want a place where we can give ourselves and our loved ones a sense of comfort and safety. Where memories are created and lived year after year. Where experiences grow richer with time, and more meaningful with each generation.

Enter Cape Resorts.

Cape Resorts has provided a special place in the hearts of our guests and those they love. We create classic American resort experiences that are always genuine, perfectly crafted and graciously delivered.


35 years ago, we had a vision that people wanted a placed that evoked the charm of a bygone era with all the comforts and amenities expected by the modern traveler. Today, that vision has turned into a promise that we work to uphold with every single check-in.

We are hosts. We welcome our guests with enthusiasm. We join in their arrival, and encourage our guests to make themselves at home. We know that service is a calling, and we love what we do. We believe that details matter, and thoughtful small touches are the luxuries that make all the difference.

We inspire memories. Our resorts provide settings where memories can be created year after year. We embrace nostalgia, and understand that experiences grow richer with time and more meaningful with each generation. Traditions thrive at Cape Resorts.


We let the past inform the future. We celebrate the heritage of the great American resort. Our collection of classic and timeless properties is filled with character and a sense of whimsy. We are inspired by history, and embrace the patina that comes with time.

Wherever you’re staying with us in Cape May, New Jersey or the Hamptons in Long Island, we hope you’ll recognize the distinctive touch that makes your visit memorable and meaningful. Each Cape Resorts property is authentic, featuring its own personality and place in the family—but all share the same warm, welcoming spirit and a commitment to giving our guests a classic, all-American resort vacation.

For us, it’s the simple pleasures that matter most. We look forward to welcoming you.


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