Women of Style 2020: Veronica Swanson Beard & Veronica Miele Beard

Phebe Wahl | September 15, 2020 | Style & Beauty Features

The Veronica Beard founders share what they've learned about style during COVID-19.

Veronica Beard founders Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard

For me, 2020 has taught... a lot of reflection on what is really important in this world. –VMB

This year style is all about... getting dressed and looking fabulous! You’ll feel so much better!

Easy cool classics. –VSB

The biggest surprise of the year has been... masks are fashion. –VMB

The incredible amount of time I’ve had with my boys. Time I will never forget. –VSB

The most amazing recent thing to happen was... dinner hour with the entire family every night. –VMB

Managing a family and business through these very uncertain times. –VSB

My style has changed as... I’m not wearing all of my heels, but I dress up to walk the dog or go to the store. You never know who you’ll run into! –VMB

Designers I love to support are... La Ligne, Doen, Royal Native, Brent Neale, Foundrae, India Amory, Warm, AERIN. –VSB

Dani Evans and her hat collection, Monrowe NYC. –VMB

Style means... knowing just the right amount of anything and how to mix it all up. It’s all about the high-low mix. –VSB

Photography by: Taylor Jewell