Too Much Rosé? WTHN Is Here to Help

Christina Najjar | July 19, 2019 | Lifestyle

WTHN has taken Manhattan by storm making acupuncture and herbs accessible with its approachable demeanor and informative tone. This is, of course, all down to the amazing co-founders, Dr. Shari Auth and Michelle Larivee. From "It" girls to fashionistas to wellness enthusiasts to everyone else in New York City, (seriously, we can’t get an appointment!) WTHN is always packed and has become the gold standard for regenerative acupuncture and destressing in the city that never sleeps. Summer is in full swing and that means lots of late nights, long car rides out east and generally wearing ourselves down. Lucky for us WTHN launched the Summer Survival Kit to get us through the hottest months of the year.


What was the inspiration behind the summer survival kit?
DR. SHARI AUTH/MICHELLE LARIVEE: Summer brings pool party, BBQ, happy hour, beach vacay awesomeness. But of course, that much fun brings extra sippin’ and snackin’. And don’t worry, you won’t get any judgment from us. 80/20, we always say. So we created the WTHN Summer Bundle, to tag-team your summer fun! We believe your wellness routine should be attainable and fit into your lifestyle. Turn your next morning around naturally with WTHN’s all-organic time-tested herb blends. "Oops I Did It Again" is what you take to undo when you overdo. It boosts your metabolism, helps your body process alcohol faster and minimizes recovery time. Clean Slate is our #summergoals formula that will clear toxins out of your system leaving you lighter, brighter and clearer all summer long. Cheers to summer livin’ and the power of plants.

What are some tips for staying well this summer?
SA/ML: Acupuncture for jet lag, hangovers and releasing heat! Many people are familiar with acupuncture’s powerful healing capabilities for stress and anxiety, muscle recovery, women’s health, sleep, digestion and more. But in summer, we especially love regular acu sessions to help restore your body’s natural sleeping patterns when jet lag follows summer vacation, to help increase circulation and relieve body aches when you’re hungover and to release heat and cool your body down after days on the beach or at the pool.

Also, we love to get cupping in the summer. Cupping is great for detox and helping your neck/back/shoulder muscles forget about the laptop you spent last winter hunched over. Plus, aren’t cup marks fashionable? They look cool and are your badge of wellness at the beach.

What's a good herb to start with for someone who is new to the game?
SA/ML: In traditional Chinese medicine, herbs in a blend are more potent than solo herbs—together they target a variety of symptoms. Plus, specific herbs can sometimes magnify a therapeutic action in another herb, while others just help your body process the blend. Some things are just better together. A great place to start is with Clean Slate: our detox and reset herb blend, because it will optimize your digestion to help you better process other WTHN herb blends. Clean Slate is also good for everybody because we are all ingesting toxins every day through food, drinks and the air we breathe. Clean Slate gives you a deep cleanse that doesn’t require a crazy diet. Our customers report clearer skin, more energy, better digestion and deeper sleep. Happy body, happy life.


What are you loving this summer?
SA/ML: The WTHN Summer Survival Kit of course!

We also are loving Nature and fresh veggies from our gardens! Chinese medicine is a system of preventative medicine. It’s so important to give our bodies food that is medicine and getting out of the city to surround ourselves with the healing power of nature. Summer is also an important time to slow down and recharge. So we are prioritizing making time to connect with our amazing families and friends.

What's on the docket for WTHN the rest of the year?
SA/ML: We have a big mission to help people feel their best and stay healthy through acupuncture and herbal medicine—and are currently eyeing future locations for WTHN in New York! Our vision is acu and herbs for all and to reach as many people as possible and bring these powerful healing modalities to a larger market, so we are growing fast! We’ll be opening more locations in New York and launching powerful new herb blends and other exciting products to help people live their best lives.

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