Your Next Luxury Investment Is Sitting Somewhere On McPeak Way

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | May 1, 2022 | People Sponsored Post

There are many names in the luxury housing market, but the only one you need to be concerned with is Sean McPeak, a powerhouse leading the industry with creative gusto and a love for the hunt, which never fails to pose a challenge, especially in this market.

Having developed an early interest in real estate while helping his mother flip houses in New Jersey, McPeak has since climbed higher than most in a city that’s renowned for its unique property cadence. After proving himself with Douglas Elliman over four years, McPeak went on to join SERHANT. as their third agent, solidifying his name in a highly competitive game of thinkers and doers. Real estate is forever evolving with the times, reflecting our needs as a society and surprising at every turn. Such disruptions require quick response and a creative mind, and McPeak whips up a unique brand of innovation you won’t find anywhere else in the field. Often regarded as the “Expired Listings Doctor”, McPeak is notorious for picking up high-ticket properties that are difficult to sell and fixing them up to be standout listings. One such property, a glittering enclave in the heart of SoHo, was listed at $5.5M and has generated a flood of international buzz. Located at 92 Greene Street, it’s perched amongst major shopping areas and features 13 ft ceilings dripping with posh affluence. With plenty of local chatter surrounding the loft, there’s no surprise as to how this property went under contract so quickly.


New York’s luxury housing circuits are well attended to by locals and transplants aike, for a city that’s forever on its swing is sure to steal the spotlight. Under McPeak’s wing, properties like the aerial, 2-bedroom loft at 115 Fourth Ave in Greenwich Village will see sparkles with the right owner, while other listings, like his cozy 1-bedroom at 88 Bleecker Street, will be snatched up in record time. McPeak’s roster of dynamite spaces inhabit a variety of landscapes that speak to his eye for detail and self-awareness in a historically tight market. McPeak has even stated before that certain markets, like New York, demand a level of authenticity and grit, two top-shelf ingredients only a local would understand. It takes a seasoned perspective to understand the nuances of a specific arena, and McPeak has been playing ball for the home team for quite some time.

After joining SERHANT. in 2020, McPeak and his team of dedicated professionals generated national acclaim for their innovative marketing strategies. Their unit was awarded the Inman Golden I Club Award for “Best Sales and Marketing Campaign for a Luxury Development” for the sell out of The Library at 61 Rivington Street, which tipped a cap to their stellar campaign strategies. McPeak understands the rhythms of his city and where the currents are headed, which explains his loyal following in notoriously high markets.


Most recently, the McPeak Team at SERHANT. welcomed the scintillating real estate advisor, Chris Gillis, a smart match for a well-rounded band of experts in the luxury currents. Gillis shares the McPeak streak in property excellence with a commitment to problem-solving and an educational edge for clients, pushing the envelope on conventional industry standards by uniting agent with applicant like never before. Like McPeak, Gillis is no stranger to the Tri-State region, having graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in economics and business, along with a proven track record of closing high roller deals in skylight properties, grossing nearly $1 billion across an array of landscapes. You may have already caught a glimpse of Gillis on HBO Max, starring in Fboy Island in early 2021. Gillis has also appeared in additional media and television spaces, supporting his zeal for personal engagement and a lively activation in business settings. The addition of Gillis to the McPeak team marks a new chapter for an already energetic team of creatives, all of whom bring a unique perspective to their practice of passion. As we’ve seen with McPeak in the past, there are many different ways to approach the same property.

One of those moments arrived in October of 2021, when McPeak hosted the first NFT-themed real estate blowout, running parallel to New York’s own NFT Week. The event sparked widespread interest in the advent of NFT presence within real estate markets, and how such iterations could streamline traditional protocols to make things a lot easier for buyers and sellers alike. The NFT movement has earned its wings seemingly overnight, and every industry is susceptible to its fight-or-flight deal. Real estate is no exception here, and McPeak has already expressed interest in employing the benefits of digital legitimacy in home ownership.

For luxury home buyers, understanding the true value of your property is eternal, and something that cannot be overlooked. Today we are witnessing one of the most challenging markets in history, and such a market demands the expertise of anyone willing to take a chance on innovation. With the introduction of novelty shapes like NFT’s and cryptocurrency, adaptive emporiums like real estate become a frontierland ripe with opportunity. All we need is a pioneer to lead the way.

Photography by: Courtesy of Sean McPeak